Thursday Videos

Universities are full of people finding out interesting things. Yoga in preschools, the benefits of nudism, how to stop languages, tigers or the welfare state disappearing forever. Often governments are researching similar things, and sometimes it would be really helpful if the universities and the governments got together to talk about all these interesting ideas.

That’s part of what we do at Policy Scotland – the University of Glasgow research institute where I’ve been working as a paid intern. One of the roles that’s been the most fun has been creating a series of mini-documentaries about policy-related research going on among the postgraduates here in Glasgow. All sorts of interesting people applied, and now Policy Scotland are releasing the videos on a weekly basis – the Thursday Video – a perfect way to find some mid-week inspiration!

This week’s video looks at the lovely Stella – an education researcher talking to teachers and students about how Scottish education policies are introduced to their schools. “Children want to be listened to” she says, and so do teachers, before these big changes are made. I can remember plenty of conversations where my mother and brother – both secondary school teachers in New Zealand – have said much the same thing. Maybe this video’s a good one for all sorts of situations.

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